Prepare Your Property

In order to achieve maximum exposure and to fulfill the true potential of your home you should prepare the property in a timely fashion before the photoshoot and the viewings. Presentation is very important and marketing is key to a successful campaign. That’s what attracts potential buyers to your property so let’s make the most of it.

Is the property looking shabby and tired?

If so you have three options:

  • Leave it as it is 😒
  • Consider a cheap and cheerful make over: deep clean, declutter, perhaps a leak of paint 😉
  • *Invest some money knowing that you will probably get them back when the property is sold. 🤩

*This will depend on factors such as: the asking price, the amount of money spent and how the money is spent. If you would like to discuss these options in details please click here.

Our advice:

No matter how well you present the property some people might still decide to strip everything before they move in so replacing worn, damaged carpets and painting the walls might seem a bit of a waste of time and money.

Having said that there is a lot to be said about presenting a clean and “ready to move in” environment.

Buyers like a well presented home and not everyone has the eye or the energy to see through a tired looking house.

People pay a premium for properties in turn-key conditions.

Give it a proper good deep clean, paint the walls if need be, fix that leaking tap, replace the silicone around the shower area/bath… little things like that can make the difference when it comes down to gaining an extra bid or indeed adding another potential buyer to the race.

Tip: always prepare the property to the best of your ability so that when it hits the market you would have given yourself the best chances for a successful and rewarding campaign.

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