Present Your Property

The property is ready, or as ready as it can ever be. It’s showtime.
Check the following paragraph with tips on how to prepare the house for our photographers and videographer so that they can capture the property at its best. This is also a good exercise in preparation for the viewings.

Tips on how to present the house:

Cut the grass. Remove any visible rubbish bags or bins. Declutter and hide children’s toys. Wash the floors. Remove cobwebs. Replace damaged bulbs. All worktops should be as clear as possible. Clean windows and glass doors. Dress the beds. Remove toiletries. Hide all visible clothes and shoes. Fresh fruit, flowers and a few candles are always a nice touch. Prepare the fireplace for lighting.
Replace that old dirty doormat to welcome your guests.

Our advice: these are only some suggestions but remember that it’s in your best interest to do everything that you can to help your marketing campaign.
Photos and video sell properties! Get people through the door and you are halfway there!

Meet our Photo/Videographers

Once you have created an account with us and selected one of our marketing bundles we’ill get in touch with you within 24h to arrange an appointment to take professional photos and a video of your property at your earliest convenience.
MySale only uses the best real estate photo/videographers in the country so you can rest assured that your property will be captured by experienced property professionals.

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