Valuation and Strategies

Here is the big question, what is your property worth?

The answer to this question is by far not a definitive one. It depends on many factors such as: the current state of the economy, supply vs demand, the condition of your property, is there anything else for sale in your area and if so how does that compare to your property…

Ultimately the current market decides, and public demand will define that question.

What your property is worth equals to exactly what the buyers are willing to spend for it and above all three dominant factors can influence the outcome: asking price, timing and a bit of luck!

When it comes to bidding and asking price, our advice is: it’s not where you start but where you finish.

The price that you launch your property at will be key to the success of your campaign. A realistic asking price is what you want to go to market with. How do you get to this price? Comparable evidence will direct you to the asking price.

Tip: Comparable evidence can be obtained from the Property Register website This will give you the address, date and price sold of any properties in Ireland.

Do some research and see what sold in your area recently. How does it compare to your house in terms of size, number of bedrooms, garden, orientation, parking, general conditions?

This is exactly what any estate agent would do to value your property!

Ask yourself this important question: what is the property worth to you? Set yourself some expectations. Do you need to sell or are you just testing the market? If you have a figure in mind and nothing will persuade you to accept anything less, then you have answered your question.
Go for it and see what happens.

Our advice: Be realistic. If you choose to ignore comparable evidence and launch your property at an unrealistic asking price, the likelihood is that your house will generate low or no interest at all. Lack of interest in your property is a good indication that your property is priced too high.

Usually a property finds its place in the market when launched at a realistic asking price. This will attract potential buyers that will ultimately compete with one another to secure your home.

This process can be very exciting and can potentially lead to exceeding someone’s expectation. This would be the ideal scenario and the goal for all campaigns.

Tip: If you are still unsure and looking for guidance on this matter, why not arrange a private online consultation with our experts which will include local market research and remote valuation advice based on the marketing material gathered by our team during the photoshoot.

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