At mySale we believe that you don’t need to be an estate agent to “show” a property.

In most cases it’s just about welcoming people through the door and answering their questions.

The vast majority of property owners would know more about their own property than any estate agent ever would therefore even appointing a friend or a family member would work just as well if someone is not in a position to allow entry on any given day.

Open viewings are not allowed in the present climate so we recommend private viewings only by appointment. When arranging a viewing make sure to take everyone’s details in advance such as Name, email and mobile number. This is important so that you can follow up with them afterwards and also to keep a record of anyone entering your home.

When you list your property with us you can log these details on a spreadsheet that we have created for you so that everything is in one place, at your fingertips.

Important: Don’t forget to ask if you are dealing with a cash buyer or a mortgage approved buyer and if the condition of their mortgage approval is depending on the sale of an existing property.  People that are still seeking finances but haven’t managed to do so yet, can still be considered as potential purchasers but time could eventually run out for them.

Tip: Phone viewers the day before the viewing to confirm that they are attending. You don’t want to have to prepare the house for a viewing and them not turning up! Be flexible with viewing times but try to limit the days you view the property, especially if it is your home.
Last minute cancellations can happen and that’s why good communication is key to make sure everything is done in respect of others, not just from a seller point of view but also from a buyer’s prospect.

Be the perfect host

Be welcoming and helpful. Answer all the questions politely and to the best of your knowledge. Some people would prefer the freedom to walk around undisturbed while others would rather the company of their host during the tour. This is completely up to you, the type of person that you are and the type of people you are dealing with. Just remember that you are letting strangers into your house so follow your instincts and do whatever you are most comfortable with.

Our Advice:
Although theft is extremely unlikely to happen please remember to remove any small valuables such as jewelry, watches, passports and cash from plain view.
For everyone’s safety and peace of mind why not invite a friend on the day to help you with your guests.  It is also best practice to share the details of your attendees with us before the viewing so that our team has a copy of your spreadsheet with all the participants and their contact details.

Common questions that viewers will ask

What orientation is the garden?

This is an important factor. A sunny back garden ( or balcony) is a very precious thing to have in this country. Ideally you would want a south/westerly orientation which would provide plentiful sunshine from midday onwards. An Easterly aspect will guarantee the morning sun while a northerly aspect will pretty much guarantee no exposure to the sun at all.  Play it to your strengths and don’t dwell on the negatives. Any outdoor space is better than none.

Tip: If you don’t know the exact orientation you could use a compass app on your phone. Go to your back door, open the app and hold your phone towards the garden phone facing forward. The app should show you the basic directions e.g South West / North East.

When was the house built?

In most cases you don’t really need the exact year of build but a generic timeframe is expected. The exact year of build will be in the Title Document of your property.

When were the windows installed?

If you replaced and upgraded the windows make sure that you mention it. Double glazed windows are the standard nowadays. They soundproof the property and keep it warm. It’s an expensive upgrade and should not go unnoticed.

Tip: sometimes specs are visible inside the frame.

If your property still has single glazed windows, perhaps it is to preserve the charm and originality of the property.

What exactly will be included in the sale?

In most cases kitchens and bathrooms are sold with the house. If you intend to keep some appliances, wall cabinets, light fittings, curtains or blinds make sure to inform your audience to avoid potential conflict afterwards.

What is the school catchment area?

If you have children you will likely know the answer to this question. If you don’t, it might be no harm to know a bit more about the different schools in the area and what catchment the property falls under.

How long does it take to get to the nearest public transport?

Are you near the Luas, the Dart, a bus stop? Is there a cycle lane that runs by the house? If not, you might talk about some of the amenities, the local shop, that lovely restaurant, the variety of food delivery available in the area.

Why are you selling?

This is probably the most common question. Whatever you say, DON’T BE NEGATIVE.

Remember, you don’t need to tell anyone the exact reasons why you are selling. There could be many factors: personal reasons, work, relocating to another area, moving out of the country. Whatever that is, don’t say anything negative about the property such as : it’s too small, It’s too cold, there is no parking, the neighbours are too noisy…All they need to know is that you have spent many great years there and it is now time for you to move on.

Is this a solid wall?

Usually a simple tap on the wall will tell you if it’s a solid wall or not.

Can the attic be converted?

You might know the answer to that already. If not, let them have a look at it if it’s safe to do so and make up their own mind. An attic can have many different configurations and many different uses however to be converted into a habitable space it would need to meet certain criterias such as head height, landing space, fire regulation etc. It all depends on the intended usage. Some attic spaces are used as bedrooms or studies but because they do not meet the regulations they can only be referred to as storage/attic spaces.

Has the home ever been flooded?

Be truthful. If the property was flooded or it is located on a floodplain it is likely to come out during the sale process at some stage and it will only cause further delays down the road.

When were the electrics replaced?

If or when it happened, it would be good to know the details. If not, a simple “I’ll find out for you” will suffice for now.

When was the boiler serviced?

If or when it happened, it would be good to know the details. If not, a simple “I’ll find out for you” will suffice for now.

How is the phone signal in this house?

Whether the house has good signal or not, unless it is located in a remote/rural area this should not be a big issue. Like most properties, some rooms offer better signal than others.

Sometimes, especially with recently built properties, the walls are so well insulated that indoor communication can be challenging at times.

Here is a clear example on how to turn a negative into a positive with a very simple explanation!  Poor indoor signal VS a well insulated and cosy environment.
If you have fiber optic technology in the area, that’s definitely a plus and worth mentioning.

Can we extend into the garden?

The general rule is that everyone can extend into their rear garden subject to planning permission. In-fact in many cases you don’t even need planning permission to build a small extension following some specific guidelines. If not sure you can always say that you never investigated this option and they should seek expert advice on this matter.

When was the extension built?

Assuming that you haven’t built it and don’t know the answer to that, tell them that you’ll do your best to find out. It should be included in the Title Document if the previous owner filed the paperwork correctly. If planning permission wasn’t needed at the time and there is no paper trail then you just have to provide an educated guess. Material used can be a good indication on the age of a structure. Your BER assessor should be able to help you with this.

What is planned for that big field behind the house?

If this is the reason why you are moving then you might as well be honest and say it. Buyers will find out anyway if there is a planning application in process. Other than that, it’s just a field and perhaps you simply don’t know much else about it.

Unique Identifier Code

This code is generated by our software when you list your property with us. People that visit your property are entitled, at your discretion, to receive the UIC.
This code will grant them access to the “bidding room” and they will be allowed to place offers online on your property. This code can be emailed to your viewers or shared by text on the day.

Important: Without this code people won’t be allowed to place bids online. This is to protect you ( the seller) from people bidding online without real intent.
Think about it, would you bid on a property without even having viewed it? Probably not.

Can people from abroad make online offers on your property? Absolutely yes. The seller decides who to give this code to. It is completely at the discretion of the seller to let people in the “bidding room”.

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